Custodian Job Description

The Custodian is responsible for cleanliness of all facilities used by the church, including the sanctuary, pulpit platform, choir loft, choir robing room, narthex, front porch and steps to Fort Lee Road, Tower Roof, Fireplace Room, Library and porch entrance to Library, two down-stairs restrooms, cleaning closets, front and back stairs to the second floor, basement stairs secretary’s office, minister’s robing room and minister’s office. Custodian shall have the ability to lift heavy items and climb ladders.

Custodian will also be responsible for the ordering of any equipment and list of supplies, upon approval of the chairperson of the Property Committee.

The custodian is responsible for the cleaning of church facilities on a set schedule as requested by the church. This does not include those areas rented to Take My Hand Child Care Center. The Custodian is responsible to the Property Committee of the Session through its appointed representative.

Custodian should be a self-starter, detailed oriented with a high degree of professionalism, reliable and with flexible schedule as to be able to work on weekends and/or as needed with good verbal and written communication skills.


  • Vacuum all carpets; wet mop and dust all floors; dust window sills in all rooms; dust piano and benches. These are to be done every Sunday and Friday evenings and as needed
  • Clean restrooms daily, this includes toilets (bowls and seats), urinals, sinks and floors
    • Finger marks on walls to be washed frequently
    • Restock toilet tissue, soap and towels at all times
  • Clean kitchen every Sunday and Friday and other times as needed; this includes cleaning the floor, cleaning the counter tops and sinks; replace paper towels as needed
  • Wash windows in all interior doors and entrance doors monthly
  • Put out garbage in dumpster daily. Put out recycling as scheduled. Put liners in garbage cans and waste baskets and clean them as necessary
    • Large items are to be put at the curb according to the Department of Public Works schedule
  • Provide maintenance to the boiler during the heating season:
    • Check water levels weekly
    • Draw water weekly until water runs clean.
  • Empty vacuum as needed and have regular servicing
  • Replenish supplies such as mops (wet/dry) and dusters when necessary
  • Replace burned out light bulbs in all areas of the building
  • Schedule cleaning of carpets and floors as well as wax stripped from a professional contractor (i.e. Stanley Steamers)
  • Vacuum cushions in Sanctuary pews and pulpit chairs every other month. Dust pews monthly, including the hymnal racks, beneath the cushions and under the seats. Make sure this is done before special events (weddings, funerals), holidays (Easter, Christmas) and as requested
  • Wet clean window sills and vacuum window blinds as needed
  • Wash radiator covers in back hall and restrooms monthly
  • Move floor mats in back hall and entrance room and vacuum underneath monthly

Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter, and three reference contacts, to Keyla Garcia,, or mail them to Presbyterian Church in Leonia, PO Box 448, Leonia, NJ 07605.